I just want to watch…

Deviant 1: I’m thinking bad things.

Deviant 2: What kind of bad things?

Deviant 1: I’m trying not to… You don’t want know.

Deviant 2: I do or I wouldn’t have asked.

Deviant 1 proceeds to describe to Deviant 2 how they want to videotape a friend having sex…

Deviant 2: Are you imagining it’s you or are you just watching?

Deviant 1: Watching.

Deviant 2: *think* “I guess that’s okay.”

Deviant 1: I’m always thinking about your friends

Deviant 2: Always?

Deviant 1: Well, not always. Just when you mention them. And not all of your friends.

Deviant 2: I just like to see people fucking

Deviant 1: I do too but watching people I know is better than strangers… I’m not right.

And he really isn’t…


Is wanting to watch your friends have sex for entertainment purposes really wrong?

Better yet is asking someone else to videotape their friends for your entertainment more wrong? Would it be worse if you got off on it or just laughed your ass off at their “O-face”?

What’s the big deal? It’s just like porn… RIght? Except in porn, everyone is beautifully airbrushed and edited. They’re perfectly comfortable in every position, they never get tired or cramp up. And most importantly, they’re always “ready”.

So wouldn’t it be great to take away all the frills and see how people really “do it”. And not just any people… really who wants to see some random couple going at it…

Deviant 1: It’s like seeing some guy I don’t know win the lottery… I don’t care about his happiness I don’t know him.

That’s what friends are for…

Chances are we all have at least one friend we want to see naked – you know for scientific purposes – and I’m willing to bet that you, like me, have secretly imagined what they’ve looked like fucking. Not fucking you*. Just fucking.

Besides, they’re our friends. Shouldn’t we be the first to congratulate them on a “job-well-done” or help them recognize when they’ve made a mistake?

Deviant 2: Well I don’t know any of your friends I would like to see in action and there are very few of my friends I’d like to see in action but I’d be curious. I am curious… But it’s more of a tradesecret type of thing. I’d wanna know if they had any special moves I could use.

Deviant 1: Who would you like to see?

Deviant 2: <Friend #1> – Just because I don’t think she’s doing it right… I don’t know but if the way she thinks about sex is any indication…
<Friend #2> – For the opposite reason… I think she’s probably very “experimental” and that just makes good TV.
<Friend #3> – But that’s only because you said she might be doing it wrong.

Deviant 1: Those are my 3 too… for similar reasons. We think alike.

Deviant 2: <Co-Worker> Because I think she might be a pro and again that makes for good TV. There are some others but I’d only want to see if they are as good as they think, or say, they are. I can’t think of anybody who I would just have to see. No one’s that hot.

Deviant 1: Honestly I can’t think of any of your friends I’d call hot.

Deviant 2: Damn… Is that bad? I have no hot friends.

Deviant 1: You should see what you can do about a video. Of any of those three…

Deviant 2: What should I tell them? That I’ve decided to become an amateur porn director.

Deviant 1: Tell them you want to learn their secrets… learn some new moves. Tell them you want see if they’re doing it right… Or wrong.

Deviant 2: lol…

Deviant 1 expounds on his views

I never really liked porn. It bored me I guess. I didn’t care to watch augmented strangers fuck. That’s where the magic of college comes in. I stayed in a dorm full of deviants. Unsuspecting girls were filmed American Pie style doing all types of shit they wouldn’t do if they knew all they guys on that floor would see a video of them that week after. I guess the purpose was to keep guys in the know on who was going and if it was even worth the effort of trying. It was also funny to see a dude go all Camron in “Paid in Full” on a girl. Like I said, we were all deviants. That’s what a nearly unlimited supply of weed, [liquor], pussy and no adult supervision does to some guys in college. Of course most of the “thespians” would strategically position themselves so they were not on film, just as much of the girl as possible and as little of [themselves].

That brings us to the origin of this idea to get film of our female friends getting boned. Me? I’m just curious and I like watchin’ [naked] girls as well. It’s not my fault but I can’t blame the wang.

*Unless that's a fantasy of yours?

~ by Deviant on April 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “I just want to watch…”

  1. U really are a lil deviant but in a good way!

  2. hm. this has always been a fantasy of mine. I dont know yet if having it be a friend of mine or be really attractive strangers is going to make a differnece, cuz I’ve never acted out on it. but I’m sure I’d enjoy the hell out of it either way.

  3. Make a tape and send it to us.

    We’ll give you some suggestions.

  4. Better yet email us the video…its 2008 yanno.

    We won’t YouTube it we are too selfish for that.

    Our Monkeysphere only consists of 2 people.

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