21 Questions

  1. When did the gear shift for a car become the poor woman’s dildo? – Seriously, fellas, step your game up. Women are fucking cars. *Shaking our heads*
  2. Why do fat couples make amateur porn and post it on the internet? – No link to this one. Thank us later.
  3. Why do we know these things?
  4. Why are we watching YouPorn when we said we were going to bed?
  5. Why are we watching some couple fucking and wondering if that’s what we look like when we’re fucking?
  6. Why are we thinking “That’s pretty good fucking”?
  7. Why does the guy look like a broke-ass Dave Navarro?
  8. Why are we jealous of the broke-ass Dave Navarro because he’s fucking and we’re not?*
  9. Why are we wondering how old their bed is? – It’s squeaky as hell.
  10. Why do we think people will go to YouPorn and watch this video after (while) reading this?
  11. Why are they in our favorite position(s)? – Biters.
  12. Why are we nodding our heads in respectful admiration?
  13. Why did we notice that they’re not practicing safe sex? – Don’t they know P.O.K.s** usually become fathers.
  14. Why is the video evidence of the 4 Minute (S)Mile?
  15. Why does he keep stopping? – That can’t be fun for her.
  16. Why are they listening to Bone Thugs in Harmony? – No. Seriously. WHY?
  17. Why aren’t there any sheets on the bed?
  18. Why do we feel proud that we never have to use lube?
  19. Did she just say she was rubbing herself raw? – Ew.
  20. Why are we thinking of watching it again?***
  21. Why DO fat kids love cake?
* Why aren’t we fucking? – Oh yeah… Nevermind.
** Pull Out Kings
*** Only the beginning. It started over when we copied the link. (We had to make sure it worked.)… So what if we let it play in the background while we formatted the post.

~ by Deviant on April 12, 2008.

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