“You Like That Girl?”


All this talk of dealbreakers, dealmakers and dicks got us thinking…

What “makes it or breaks it“* in the bedroom?

(Or wherever the magic happens for you)?


Said at the right time, by the right man, the pillow talk will have me melting.

I like to hear how much you enjoy my “company”. Describe it to me. Let me know how much you like it. And if you say it right in my ear, with The Voice……… It’s O-V.

The sexiest thing ever said to me… (Nah, I’m keeping that to myself.)

You don’t hafta say shit to me just moan to my rhythm and every so often proclaim my greatness


Kiss me. A lot. All over. Especially in those often ignored places like the back of the neck, the collar bone, etc. And don’t be afraid to bite, we like that…

Just kiss my dick…. it’s mandatory. Refusal to do so guarantees we will no longer interact in any way. You will be waived from the squad without prior notice. You will not be given a grace period. If said refusal comes before fornication, you will receive the “2 minute drill” and promptly dismissed.


Missionary = Vanilla. And we’re all about the Chocolate. We like to try new things. You should treat the bed like a Coldstone Creamery and try something different every now and then. Make your own Creation.

I like any position that involves girl on lap. Just no jumping the balls don’t like that shit. I detest girls that don’t or are not willing to ride.


Be forceful.*** Take the initiative and show me how bad you want it. Assert yourself and I will respect your authority.

I loathe timid girls. That shit is not cute. If you want balls in your mouth put them in your mouth I will not stop you in fact I inisist****. I like the girls that instead of asking me to do something they want they make me do it by just taking initiative. Dead fish suck. Laying there like its enuff that you offer me the pussy guarantees you a seat on the end of my bench. You’ll get that 3am call when all other options are exhausted. You will never see daylight in my prescence I don’t care how cute you are. You can’t even use the good towels.

I showed you mine…

* We decided we only wanted to hear the good stuff. Who knows what horror stories you people might come up with.

** I’m not talking about that, “Say my name.”, “Who’s is it?** bullshit. That’s played and stupid. Besides, if you do it right, you’ll get that information without asking. (Now, if you know it’s yours, ’cause you openly laid claim to it and your claim was not revoked… Feel free to express yourself.)

*** Not violent. There is a difference. Violence is not fun.

**** My chocolate salty balls… now with Vitamin C!


~ by Deviant on April 16, 2008.

7 Responses to ““You Like That Girl?””

  1. Yeah I agree, Missionary blows hard. I prefer a strenuous dook-busting session myself. Of course I never have the forethought to irrigate beforehand and make a mess of myself.

  2. Ooh, I finally went down the rabbit hole, into the mind of a deviant. ;D

    But I have a question. I know you’re a chick, but who’s writing in red? Is that your male alter ego, or your boyfriend, writing partner, etc? Anyhoo. On to what I like.

    Eye contact.

    I have my eyes closed most of the time, but when I do open them and my boyfriend is looking dead at me, it makes me feel really close to him, and there fore more open and turned on.

    Ass Worship.

    A lot of women may be up on this. But, for me there is nothing like spending an hour’s worth of watching shitty reality television. While I get my ass slapped, rubbed, licked, kissed, touched, and fondled.

    You pretty much covered the other things I would have said. ;D

  3. “I know youโ€™re a chick, but whoโ€™s writing in red? Is that your male alter ego, or your boyfriend, writing partner, etc? ”

    We are deviant. We are many.

    Ass worship, huh? Now I know from existence of such classics as Big Black Wet Butts that the fellas were up on it but I had no idea that women were into ass worship like that. Nice.

  4. Look at me while I give you head DAMN IT! and put your hands in my hair. Before during and after playing, carressing, twirling, PULLING my hair will just send me over the top

    Like Ree, ASS Worship does it for me

    Getting carressed anywhere will also send me into a frenzy. We just cant touch each other enough.

  5. If you’re in a hurry, the doing this will likely take care of me within a few minutes – a running commentary full of sounds and moans. Sounds are good ๐Ÿ™‚ Por ejemplo:

    you like the way i grip your cock, mmm, it feels so hard in my hands, i love feeling it grow harder as i stroke it up and down. . . you want to go in my mouth? mmmm *slurp* you like the way i suck on your head, mmh, it tastes so good, i bet you want me to suck on it faster, uh huh.

    Heck, if you do this well enough, you may barely have to even touch me. . .you could be just doing yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Wow… Luckily for you guys there’s no such thing as TMI to us.

    @ Ana B. – “Smack your ass. Pull your hair…Think I won’t?” (c) D’Angelo

    Do you own a patent leather bustier? ‘Cause you sound a lot like Mistress Ana B if you catch the drift…We’re not even a little bit mad at that. Do your thing!

    @ Kamakula – You were very, um, descriptive; to say the least.

    Are you stateside? Your use of ‘cock’ and ‘go’ instead of ‘come’ (we notice these things) kinda tipped us off that you may not be a son of Lady Liberty*…

    * We’re international, bitches!

  7. LoL, sorry to disappoint deviant but I’m stateside. I like to vary my vocab as well as everything else, position, angle, ribbed vs studded vs ultra thin condoms, in my play ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will admit to being born outside the country and only being here about 2/3 of my life . . .

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