If You Could Really See Inside My Mind…

…you’d wish you hadn’t.

You’d be surrounded by a blizzard of random thoughts and ideas. Blinded by insecurities and questioned by doubts. It is not a peaceful place by anyone’s standards. There are no laws. Just conflict and chaos. And the Voices…

The Voices are always there… Analyzing. Assuming. Assessing… “Should I? What if? Why?”… Always “Why?”… Always exploring the possibility of a thing and very seldom its probability (which is far more important).

I always do what the voices tell me…

Thats why I took that flatscreen …

Thats why I offer you dick everyday…

Etymology reviewed…

“Can you be mellow and dramatic at the same time?” I’ve never had mellow drama in my life. It must be one of those things that only happens in the movies like justice.

Conversations reenacted…

“You do realize that it’s me, right?” I feel the exact same way. I’m almost amazed by it and then I have to remind myself that it was just a matter of time before I discovered someone else who sees me the way I do. In fact, I think I like your eyes a lot better.

I don’t know why cause I can’t see shit. Astigmatism is a bitch.

Fat girl recanted…

I saw myself in the mirror today and actually liked what I saw reflected there. Let’s hope that happens again tomorrow.

I always liked it. I don’t know who this fat girl is cause I never met her.

Priorities reevaluated…

I’m procrastinating right now. With school. With life. The bottom of this page is the only progress I’ve made today. I must do better… Tomorrow

You will. I am the foot on your ass that is motivation. Rejoice and be glad in that.

This devious digression was brought to you by the letter D and the number π


~ by Deviant on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “If You Could Really See Inside My Mind…”

  1. “Can you be mellow and dramatic at the same time?”

    Definitely. I get called dramatic all the time, yet I never seem to cause any drama. Why’s that? Well, many people cannot express themselves clearly, if even at all. These are the same people who ask for your opinion on a topic, then get all bent out of shape when you oblige them with the truth. They can’t handle it when someone calmly speaks from the heart about a topic that may be important to them. So instead, they take your clarity as you getting upset/mad when, in fact THEY are the ones who are upset/mad because they weren’t ready for an answer that breaches the surface.

    Textbook projection.

    Kinda like the person who insults you for no reason, you insult them back, and then they are all like “Geez, what you getting so mad for?”


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