In the public bathroom or in back of a classroom…


Ah, yes… the summer of 2000. I heard this song one night on the radio as I was on my way home from work and he had me at “I wanna ahh-ahh you…”

Most of my fantasies involve coercion and authority figures.

i.e. Innocent school girl* gets a private lesson from n’er do well History teacher


I don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve never really been talked into doing something I don’t want to do and I don’t take orders well.** I like to imagine being really hesitant (lots of “I don’t know” and “Are you sure I won’t get in trouble?”) and then its just so good I can’t help but like it.

Most of the others are pretty much variations of the same thing. There are some really disturbing ones but I can’t really call them fantasies. ‘Cause they’re just flashbacks of subplots from porn, or stories I’ve read, and not actually something that I’d like to do. Like kidnapping or rape or incest or bestiality – all of which are probably illegal in every state or at least I hope they are.


Aside: I have no desire to have sex with anyone in my family. Nor do I fantasize about anyone in my family sexually. A distant cousin kissed me on the lips once at a family reunion and that was weird enough. I also have no desire to be raped or fucked by any animal species other than homo sapien or maybe homo superior (depending on what makes them superior).


I know. It’s…



I have seen and read all of those things. I think one of the first movies I saw was Black Taboo*** and then Filthy Rich – Let me stop and say that I was maybe 11 or 12 when I found the porn stash and I also had cable in my room (specifically Showtime… which depicted full frontal male nudity) – This was before I really understood the concepts of incest or rape, because in porn everybody likes it and nobody gets hurt. But if you believe everything you see in porn, apparently you can use motor oil as lube and it won’t have any adverse effects on your health.

The bestiality thing was one of those random videos floating around on the internet of a chick sucking a horse off or a dude getting fucked in the ass by a pig. And you only really watch them in disbelief. Well, I only really watch them in disbelief. Some of you may be that close to your dogs. Not that I’m judging. I’m just curious as to how that happens.


Like the S&M bondage stuff… I can’t do it. I was physically disciplined as a child so letting someone spank me now is not gonna happen. That is not the kind of pain I like. Although, a little smack on the ass is nice every now and then… And I do like a hand around my throat… And I do like to be pinned down…

Ah… Who am I kidding? I would try some of the more kinky stuff as long as there’s no real danger involved. No handcuffs though. I read Gerald’s Game. Being cuffed to a bed for 3 days in close proximity of a decaying corpse is not sexy to anyone but those with necrophilia. But then again, sexy is not really Stephen‘s strong suit.


The things about fantasies is we all have them. Even if we never tell other people about them. Most of the time we never really act on them. Maybe because we think they’re too outrageous or disturbing and people would think we’re “sick.” Or maybe it would involve too many props or access to a catwalk (the lighting kind, not the Right Said Fred kind). Or maybe there’s a lack of willing participants…

I tried acting one out recently, but just ended up fucking my brains out as usual. Hopefully, I’ll get a do-over after the sense of urgency wears off. Wait… What am I talking about? Hopefully, I’ll just get a do-over.


Other fantasies:

Late night at the office – Something about possibly getting ju’ce all over important documents intrigues me.

Bonnie & Shyne – Fucking on the hood of a car just seem naughty.

The beach – I love the ocean. It makes me wet.

Under the stars – I’ll take the real ones or the ones at the planetarium. There’s just something about a clear sky away from the city lights that just so damn panty moistening romantic.

Bonus: Being on the beach AND under the stars.

The Threesome – I hesitate to mention this one but I have to “keep it real.” In my head, “everybody loves everybody” but I know in real life my possessive nature would never allow it.

DP – Just to see what it feels like but it’s not gonna happen…

Girls Gone Wild – Just to see what it feels like.


I showed you mine… Don’t just read and silently judge me… Let me “kn-kn-kn-know what-what’s your fan-ta-ta-sy”…


* Only because I can’t see being over 18 and being that damn gullible.

** There are very specific exceptions to this.

*** An alternate, albeit low-budget, version of the infamous Taboo.


I cant really say I have any fantasies like that. I’m not really one to sit around and fantasize. I enjoy the fucking and if I happened to be in a movie theater when my dick demanded pussy then so be it. I guess the extent of my fantasies are not acts or locations. I just think about fucking certain girls or what they look like nekked. Not any actresses or anything like that just people I have crossed paths with. If she is easy on the eyes I’ll wonder what she looks like nekked and if she can fuck or has good pussy. I’ll ask myself if she gives good head or what is she willing to let me to do her. Will she let me give her a pearl necklace? Would she let me fuck her sister afterwards? Nothing no other guy hasn’t thought about. Sometimes I’ll just wonder what some girl looks like topless. if I find out and I like how it looks then why not bang?


~ by Deviant on May 17, 2008.

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