A Lesson In Randomness Part 3

Da Shinin was and still is the only album I actually purchased more than once. I had to buy it three times. Its that good. I used to listen to it in English class in hi school. I took a walkman (thats a cassette (I do not understand this word “cassette”?) player for youse thats too young to remember) and put it on the inside pocket of my jacket and ran the earbuds thru my jacket and shirt so the teacher couldn’t see it from where she stood in class. (You feared your teacher? Hahahaha! You make it seem like she had some of that authority stuff over you.) I wore it like that all day. Thats why I used to walk the halls in hi school like I did. I was always listenin to the tapes I made at the house or some CD.  I neva carried any books my backpack. When I had a backpack on it was always filled with CD’s, tapes, a CD player and a cassette player. People would often say they saw me somewhere and tried to get my attention but I wouldn’t acknowledge them. It was because I couldn’t hear you I was listenin to Black Moon (or I couldn’t see you..there was an adjustment period when I first got contacts). I did carry around one notebook just in case I had to write down somethin (or just look like it) in class.


Is it bad to scare lil kids on purpose? (All children should fear something. A child without fear will become a fuck-up.) When I get home from work I always tell the lil kids I see playin somethin that I know will send them runnin. Yesterday I got out of the car and said “lookout for that dog!” and all the kids scattered. When I know a kid is scared of bugs I always say “there is a bug on your shoulder” so I can watch a kid squirm. Good times.


~ by Deviant on May 27, 2008.

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