I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your………Kiss!

No eloquent and witty intro today. Let’s get straight to the meat and potatoes…

Is kissing after head kosher?

I say “Yes.”

I’m willing to put your dick in my mouth and you can’t kiss me afterwards?

The fuck you say.

There’s something definitely wrong there. Guys, I can understand if you blast off in a girls mouth and you don’t want to taste your own man juice. I think it’s a little squeamish of you, but I get it. But not kissing her after she gives you head because “it’s like you’re sucking your own dick” is not only prudish but also a little homophobic.

And yes, I think that goes both ways. I know what my pussy tastes like and I’m okay with it. It’s me. If I thought it was nasty, it’s like I’m saying my pussy is nasty, my body is nasty and by association you are nasty for putting it in your mouth.

Seriously, I don’t think about the fact that the dick in my mouth was eye to eye with a porcelain god earlier. Some things you just can’t think about when you’re fucking. There’s way too much going on to keep tabs on all the “icky” things that you might be touching or tasting at any given time. All I’m thinking about is making you, and subsequently myself, feel good. There’s very little I wouldn’t do to “git ‘er done”.

The word “uninhibited” comes to mind. And in my opinion, that’s the only word that should stay there.

All that needs to be said is this…I don’t want to run the risk of my soldiers invading the wrong country..my country. I like not having any idea whatsoever of the taste of my own dick. My hygiene or perceived homophobia has shit to do with any of that.

So once your soldiers leave the fort, they can never go home again? That’s bullshit. After the first few minutes, all your dick tastes like is saliva. My saliva. And if it’s not hygiene or homophobia, what is it? I mean what else is left? You don’t want to know what your dick tastes like ’cause you think it makes you gay somehow. Which is especially ridiculous when you’re fucking me.

No, once they leave the fort they are forbidden to ever return home again. Its as far from bullshit as you can possibly get. I don’t even want to have even the slightest knowledge on the taste of my dick. I just assume that is the best thing you have ever had the pleasure of placing in your mouth but I do not want first hand knowledge.

While your dick is good, I’d even go so far as to say great, it’s hardly the best thing I’ve had the urge to wrap my lips around (those minute maid freeze pops are good, my bad). Your reasons are still bullshit in my book and you should just admit that although you may not be a prude, you are very prude-ish on the subject at hand. You’ve also put me in the awkward position of having to choose whether to suck your dick or kiss you while we’re fucking. (I’ll be leaning towards sucking of the dick, if you must choose one)*


*Noted but that’s not really your decision to make. It’s not a decision I want to have to make but apparently I can’t have my dick and eat it too.


~ by Deviant on June 9, 2008.

9 Responses to “I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your………Kiss!”

  1. There cant possibly be any fully grown adults who have a problem with this. These people do not exist.

  2. Hmm. I’ve never thought about this. Considering that things usually go like this:

    touch touch kiss kiss touch kiss nibble suck kiss squeeze touch bite she gives some head kiss touch lick i give some head kiss lick suck touch.

    And that’s just the first five minutes. Pretty much foreplay lasts until I hear the magic words “Please”. Usually, the magic words are followed by “fuck me”.

  3. (flava flav) WOOOOOOOW! I swettuhgawt! If I am “rocking your MIC” and you still have the presence of mind to be thinking about that ish? I must not have been on my JOB…and that is NEVER the case! Plus, your gratitude for the porn star you receive at any given moment will have you pulling me by the hair to kiss this platinum mouth…I have a theory that GREAT kissers give MIND BLOWING head, no?

  4. I used to be like that in college … years ago. My girlfriend was the same way at the time. But you know what … we both grew up.

    I agree with Suga&Spice … no grown adult should have a problem with it.

    I told one girl (who I wasn’t even dating) about my disdain for kissing afterward, and she told me she would never give me head then. She said “If your afraid to even taste the aftermath, then I don’t need to blow you”

    Damn … that was real.

  5. This is a great post. I agree completely with Goodeness! When that open-mic session is a wrap…I am at least giving a kiss to simply say “thank you so damn much!”

  6. I agree with the first comment… when I was younger I had a prob with guys going down on me and then wanting to kiss but now I’m like its me… so if a man has a prob with it at this age in the game.. he has some issues… I’m not big on kissing anyway so it aint really a big deal its just the principle

  7. I don’t think I ever had a problem with this or come across anyone with said problem, I did meet someone who didnt want to kiss on some ole pretty women shit (too intimate) and I was like yo I have an oral fixation so this is definitely not going to work. I am in total agreement with the post

  8. The next guy who says this to me im going to spit in the back of his throat.

  9. Hahah . This is soo well put .
    Actually, theres a lot of guys around 18 who got a problem with it .
    And its mostly fear of homophobia I guess . And of course, it gets debated wether or not to kiss after blowjob among those who are a little inexperienced . And most say no . No fucking way . What are – gay ? .. Heh, it all comes in time I guess ? (And experience ofc) 😉 But then again, who the hell stops in the middle of the scene, and say No to anything ? Right ? Definitely not the guy ? .. So I guess, If you aint doin too bad, there shouldnt be a No coming up 😉

    Btw, youre good at writing =)

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