WTF?! Of The Week


4th of July. Headed back from a typical family oriented cooking event. Good conversation. Good company. Enjoying the fireworks as we ride back to the lighter side of the DC area*. We’re almost there. Traffic has been flowing pretty smoothly and then all of sudden… brake lights.

A horrible accident, you ask?

A fender bender perhaps?

Police blockade?

Merging lanes at the very least?



Motherfuckers in DC just think it’s okay to come to a complete stop on the freeway** to watch the fireworks finale.




People of DC are your children that sheltered that they’ve never seen fireworks before? Or are you all really such huge assholes that you would hold up miles of traffic?

Selfish bastards.

I can only thank the traffic gods that I was not driving*** because I probably would have been rushed to the nearest hospital to have my foot surgically removed from someone’s ass and subsequently arrested for beating up random douchebags on the freeway.


* Virginia, that is.

** The FUCKING freeway!

*** For the first time in my life as a driver, I am so glad I don’t have a car. I’d either kill someone, or kill myself via burst blood vessel in the brain, trying to put up with the bullshit driving I’ve seen here in the last month.

Sidebar: I actually saw a dumbass broad walk in front of a bus with no regard for her life or the possible lack of patience of the bus driver.


Why is it there are no good restuarants on this side of the beltway? When I go to the darkside (Southern MD, PG County) they are selling seafood everywhere. They even sell crabs on the side of the road in Calvert and Charles County. You can stand in front of one Seafood-Soul Food-Rib Shack on Branch Ave and see five others in your line of sight.  All I seem to see in Fairfax County are franchises. Thats bullshit. I dont like having to choose between the same 5 places all the time. Who thought this was a good idea? Can I get one person to open a crab shack on this side? Just one. They would make a killing cause there is no competition out here. Oh and since we on that open a car wash as well. I like the self serve car washes and they don’t have any out here but they have just as many car washes as crab shacks in Maryland. I rather not pay a team of mexicans 25 to wash my car when I can do it myself. I guess things are set up that way on purpose cause those advantages are the only two Maryland has over VA. Those two things keep Maryland from being a purely shitty place. Now its just mildy shitty. thats all I had to say.

The next time some jackass walks in front of my car without even glancing in my direction to see if I may run them over I’m doing just that.


~ by Deviant on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “WTF?! Of The Week”

  1. you should see the pink toes in TX actually PARK and GET OUT on the freeway tosee some damn fireworks! I drive an Explorer XLT adn if it wasn’t for my fear of prison (they would eat me up in there and NOT in a good way) and the fact that I value my mommy-ness too much to have my son talk to me through glass..I would have been trying to earn extra points running all those mullets off the road…are you fuggin serioius? you PARKED your vehicles on the freeway at night to see some whit you could have seen from the safety of a grocery store parking lot? you know where you are supposed to park your raggedy ass “classic”!??! man!!! road rage is rampant in MIC CITY! good post…thanks for the springboard to vent! (smooches)

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