No Sh!t, Sherlock…

I wasn’t even snooping. Honestly.

That memory card was supposed to be pre-screened prior to my obtaining it in order to avoid any awkward conversation or saltiness stemming from my predisposed jealousy and/or possessiveness.*

But true to my nature I was looking for trouble. And it wasn’t so much that I saw a bunch of individuals who weren’t me as much as it was one in particular and the date attached to the picture. **

Now I’m waiting for the explanation as it looks like the party in question has ceased all conversation with me (I’d say there were a good 20 minutes of silence) in attempts to get their story straight. And I can’t really fault them for that. If I was in a similar situation I’d want to smooth things out as best as I knew how. But the real question is what can they say to explain why there’s a picture of a mutual friend in a more than friendly position???***

On one hand, I’m trying to be an adult about the situation. I recognize that everyone has a past and it’s just that.. the past… as long as that’s where it stays. But when you’re in a relationship with someone and their past keeps popping up in your face (whether intentionally or by accident) it becomes a more pressing problem here in the present.

I personally try my best to get rid of all my skeletons by burning them instead of trying to keep them in the far reaches of the proverbial closet. That way when I invite people into my space they can enjoy themselves freely and I don’t have to worry about what they may find.





* I will readily admit that I am possessive and jealous by nature when it comes to very specific things. (i.e. my underwear, my toothbrush and my man)

** Yes, I looked at the dates on every picture of every person that did not mirror my reflection. It’s that serious.

***Other than “it’s an old picture”. Which may be the truth… but the truth doesn’t really make me feel any more comfortable.


~ by Deviant on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “No Sh!t, Sherlock…”

  1. damn….been there…got the court ordered community service to prove it…but I’m better now…findig that kind of sh*t sucks…and not in a good way!

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