WTF?! Of The Week #2

A few days ago I saw something that made me want to start sleeping at work to avoid the crowds on the train. Public transportation is less than gas but at what cost? The other day on the train I had at least two strange asses pressed up against my person and against my will because it was so fucking crowded. * ONe of said asses belong to a woman so wide she looked like TWO ample assed women facing each other in conversation. And this bitch had the nerve to try and get comfortable and she was only riding one… fucking… stop! I really wanted to tell her that the only thing that would make her more comfortable would be to lose one of those asses.

Riding the train now requires me to relive the most disturbing line from the most disturbing scene one of my favorite disturbing movies“Ass to ass.”**


This chick was no Jennifer Connelly

The double-wide on the train was no Jennifer Connelly



* Crowded is an understatement. Three trains went by that were packed from wall to wall.

** Skip to the 4:50 mark.


~ by Deviant on July 29, 2008.

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