Disappearing Acts

Earlier today I had another topic in mind to write about. It may have been somethingabout random ass on my desk, or the three trains I had to pass up because they were so damn crowded* 

But like Keyshia Cole, I changed my mind.

Something’s on my mind and you know what ‘Pac said. 


Has this ever happened to you?

You’re chilling with someone, preferably the geek of your choice. Things are cool. Then all of a sudden their phone rings and they disappear? And you’re left wondering. Hmm…

Is it me? ‘Cause if it’s just me then that’s almost** okay. Maybe I’m just the Eeyore in this Hundred Acre Woods. But my mind wondering or wandering all over the place is not a good thing. I can think of the worst, worst-case-scenarios. I’ll think of the most painful thing possible and work my way back.

Honestly, I think I’m clinically paranoid.

This is a problem. I need my own Personal Jesus




*Or maybe it’s now the fact that the damn text on this post is not utilizing the ability to “text wrap” and I’m essentially writing one long ass sentence

** Clearly it means I have some issues I need to work out.


~ by Deviant on August 6, 2008.

One Response to “Disappearing Acts”

  1. You are not the only one! I ALWAYS think about the worst possible scenario and I work out what I would do. That way, no matter what happens, I’m ok because the worst possible scenario very rarely happens (and if it does then I’m covered)! (So, no you can’t be paranoid b/c I don’t want to believe that I’ve clinically paranoid)

    AND holy moly, I had the same problem with some trains (are you in ATL?) I had to text some folks yesterday to vent b/c I was so mad that all the f*cking trains were going to Bankhead!!! Really, wtf? I mean, can a sista sit down on her long @ss ride from HEHolmes to Decatur?!?!?!

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