WTF?! of the Week #4: Ocho Loco

All I can say is…




Chad Johnson made great strides Friday for ignorant people everywhere by legally changing his name from Chad Javon Johnson to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. Just so he could have Ocho Cinco* on the back of his jersey**.

Thank you, Chad, for desiring to present yourself to the world as just another number. And by default, just another nigger.

* For the learning impaired, “ocho cinco” is 8-5, or 85, Chad’s number.

** “And you wonder why they call you bitch.” – Tupac


~ by Deviant on September 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “WTF?! of the Week #4: Ocho Loco”

  1. I shake my head and fists vigorously. I don’t even think this is n*gga sh*t cuz I could c some white folks doin ish like this. But Chad, do us ALL a favor and go get ur life 2getha.

  2. my guitar weeps for this ni99a! **”and you wonder why they call you a b1tch” – Tupac! I swettagawt! He probably thinks it’s clever…you know showing that he’s b-lingual and sh1t! Probably oblivioius to the fact that this fooley-wang shullbit is a blatant, free advertisement for Planned Parenthood and condom manufacturers world wide!

  3. I’m changing my name to Iyam Fukinyomom because when the cops pull me over, I want them to know exactly what’s going down.

  4. This is truly sad. I wonder what his parents must think? First name or middle name? Not so bad. Last name? “Let me sh*t on whatever legacy my family has built”.

  5. It’s not 85. If it was 85 it would be ochenta y cinco. Instead dumbass just has two single-digit numbers as his new last name.

  6. ^ We all know it’s not literally 85 in Spanish. That’s just what Chad was going for.

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