Vi.P. or How many times can you say “maverick” in 2 hours?

It’s debate time again. Are you watching?

We are and in HD no less.

So here goes…

Joe-“Gwen, may I call Bullshit.”*

Palin is full of sound bites. She says a lot without really saying anything. It’s like she’s trying to sound as hokey as possible to “connect” with the rest of America.

“Darn…” – Really, Sarah? I hate when people use fake profanity.

Sarah – “America, sure we told you to buy a house. We even helped you become a homeowner. Knowing your broke ass couldn’t really afford it. But now you have to take responsibility for the house you couldn’t have gotten without our help. That’s how John and I plan to fix the economy.”*

She’s really good at these pageant answers.

Joe just bit Palin in the ass. He will not lose.

S.P. – “Government, let America fuck it self up. Don’t step in and do anything.”*

Sarah – “Fuck your question, Gwen. I’m just going to continue attacking my opponent.”*

Sarah – “God bless big oil.”*

Gwen – “Sarah, stop bullshitting and answer the question.”*

Sarah – “I haven’t promised America anything. So there’s nothing for me not to give them.”*

Joe – “Listen to the big ass numbers I’m quoting you.”*

Sarah – “John bitched about it earlier than everybody else [the crisis on Wall Street]. Give him credit for that.”*

Joe – “Barry saw it first.”*

Sarah – “I’m gonna change the subject again. Fuck that. Let’s talk about energy.”*

Gwen – “Since you wanna talk about energy, we’ll change the subject. You know, just to see if you’ll actually answer a question.”*

Sarah – “Cyclical temperature changes. I don’t want to talk about the global warming.”*

Sarah – “Get it right, Joe. It’s ‘Drill, baby, drill!'”*

Joe – “Get ya facts straight, chick.”*

Joe – “The gays can have their rights. We like the gays.”*

Sarah – “Gays choose to do wrong. I don’t recognize them as Americans.”*

Joe – “We don’t support redefining marriage.”*

Sarah – “Ditto.”*

Sarah – “John, it’s my turn to hold Petraeus’ balls.”*

Sarah – “We’ll know it’s time to leave Iraq when Iraq can help itself, which will be whenever we say they can.”*

Joe – “John’s head, God love him, is full of rocks.”*

Sarah – “Ditto.”* [In respect to nuclear Iran/Pakistan, not John’s head being full of rocks.] 

Sarah – “He wants to talk to them without giving them ultimatums or bullying them into submission. How ridiculous!”*

Sarah – “Now let me hold Henry’s balls. Who’s balls did you hold next, John?” *looks at transcript from last week’s debate to check*

Joe – “While you’re holding balls, try and keep the facts straight.”*

Sarah – “Gwen, let me parrot your question in my answer to make people think I know what I’m talking about.”*

 Joe – “Gwen, since Sarah didn’t answer your question, allow me.”*

Sarah – “There’s been too much finger pointing going on and it’s your fault.”*

Sarah – “We use nuclear weapons to protect ourselves and scare our enemies. It’s not going to work if they have one too.”*

Sarah – “I want to change the subject before I say something stupid.”*

Joe – “America, I’m throwing the numbers around to make you pay attention.”*

Sarah – “I’m not like you Washington politicians.”*

Author’s note: The beauty pageant Q&A is nauseating. How does John McCain “know how to win a war” when he got captured on his first combat mission and was a POW for 6 years? Especially a war that wasn’t actually “won”?

Sarah – “Shout out to Wasilla!!!”

“Doggone it.” – Again with the fake profanity.

Sarah – “When I’m Vice President, I’m going to give myself more power.”

She just referred to Alaska as a huge state. Does she realize that it’s one of, if not THE least populated state?… Joe got all “verklemfpt.” I’m tired of regurgitating the debate dialog. It’s tiring. I’m not sure that Palin realizes that the rest of America is not like Alaska. I wonder what’s the longest period of time she’s eve lived outside of Alaska?

Sarah – “I like being able to speak to America without those pesky reporters trying to get more out of me than just quirky phrases.”

I think she dropped the exact same names as McCain and in the same exact order. 



* I’m paraphrasing of course.

Note: Sarah Palin also said Maverick several times throughout the debate for no apparent reason other than to hypnotize the American public into stupidity.


~ by Deviant on October 2, 2008.

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