“I bet you never heard of…” – Debate Coverage Pt. 3

Fuck You, John McCain. 

If I was Oliver Clark, I’d be really insulted that you think that I’ve never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac until a few weeks ago.

Is it me? Or does anyone else notice how John McCain totters across the stage? He’s so fucking old. I”m convinced that he has a stylist who specializes in covering up the fact that hecan’t stand up straight. ‘Cause he’s so fucking old. His shoulder pads have to be super thick to hide his hunched up frame.

I’m watching CNN. Again. And of course they have a new audience focus group meter along the bottom. I have to say, if you’re watching, you too may notice that every time McCain starts talking the meter drops. 

McCain’s skin looks like it might fall off at any minute.

Did he just say that Barack Obama proposed spending $3 million on an overhead projector for a planetarium? Could it be that it’s to project the stars? Hmm… That sounds like a stretch…

He just dropped Reagan’s name again. He must be a necrophiliac. He’s determined to hold Reagan’s balls no matter what.

Is that a Med-Alert bracelet?*

I wonder if those “uncommitted” voters realize that a spending freeze means that no money is being spent even on things that matter like education and healthcare?

The focus group apparently did not like the derogative “Jello” statement. People love their Jello.

Is that a “Fuck You” smile, Barry?

Barack just called “Shenanigans” but Brokaw wasn’t going. Tom Brokaw is a hater.

Barack is calling McCain on his bullshit.

“… my friends…” *Cue the DJ* DROP! (goes the meter).

How does nuclear power help clean up the environment? Am I missing something? ISn’t nuclear power kind of dangerous? Wasn’t the something that happened in the Soviet Union in the 80s that kind of pushed people away form nuclear power? Hmm…

Brokaw is really a stickler for these time limits.

Are the lights not good enough for you, John? You need special attention from Tom now?

Is McCain walking around to exercise his joints? Or is he throwing salt?

Obama is very aware of the camera. He’s always smiling. No matter how much bullshit is being spouted at him.

DROP! – I’m beginning to think that the focus group just doesn’t like the sound of McCain’s voice.

This dude just called Reagan his hero. I think he’s overestimating Reagan’s popularity among those of us who are OLD AS FUCK!

I think McCain just wanted to drop the mic like he was at a concert. Chris Rock you are not, sir!

It’s interesting to see the meter split between the men and women.

Now his hero is Theodore Roosevelt.

Barack is calling bullshit again.

“Not true. Not true.” You did or you didn’t and it seems like you did.

McCain’s holding Petraeus’ balls now. Watch out for jizz. He’s good at it.

I can’t believe he repeated that KGB remark.

There’s an old dude in the audience shaking his head but I can’t tell if he’s in disagreement with Obama or if he’s just OLD AS FUCK like McCain.

Oh god, McCain used the “old man pat on the back” move. I need a shower.

McCain doesn’t know what the rest of us don’t know, what’s going to happen… So… How’s he going to learn that? Obama didn’t answer the question either but damn McCain could have glossed it over a little bit better.

Cindy McCain always has this look that says she lacks mental presence. Something about her body language makes me think that her self-esteem is low. That or she’s been in an abusive relationship. Hmm… Maybe she was just raised to be in the background.


* On second glance, I think that’s the “I’ve got a bracelet” bracelet.


~ by Deviant on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to ““I bet you never heard of…” – Debate Coverage Pt. 3”

  1. that was extremely insulting for him to even try to imply that. if he had phrased it as ‘many Americans may not have even heard of…’, it wouldn’t have bore the same connotation that it did with the context he used it in.

  2. I didn’t realize how much of a douche a person could be and not give a shit until I started watching McCain campaign. He should just dress up like the giant douche from the South Park episode when they mocked PETA. He would be more visually appealing than he is now. Everyone that backs McCain or Palin has to be lacking in brain cells or lived to close to a nuclear power plant. Also to comment on one of his soundbites…he keeps saying how he has teh answers to each current crisis..why doesn’t he enact these answers? Why doesnt he tell someone so we can get the ball rolling? Why is he using this knowlege he has to help America as leverage to get elected? Its like he is saying “give me what I want and then I’ll help you”. How is that putting the “Country First” as he says often? Crochety bastard. I know what he could do to save his campaign tho…he needs to have his wife and Palin stand behind him topless slobbing each other down. I’d forget about how much of a douche he is if I see porn everytime he is on camera. of course it would be middle aged 2520 porn and it would get old after seeing it so many times but he only needs a few weeks of it before he gets elected. Of course Obama could trump him and have his wife do the same with Pelosi, Hillary or Oprah in the background. I think that would get higher ratings. What do you think? Did I mention I think McCain is a giant douche?

  3. Just another thought..I’ve seen how dumbasses keep saying that people are only voting for Obama because he is black. I just have this for you to ponder…Sharpton is Black…Jackson is black..McKinney (who I just found out is running third party) is black…no one is or was voting for them due to their blackness. Also while I do acknowledge it is true some people are voting for Barry due to his percentage of blackness there are far more people voting for McCain because of Obama’s blackness. Its more of a weakness than an advantage and he still leads in the polls.

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