I should be working

I recently made the decision not to buy a car. I came it this conclusion not because I cannot afford it or due to the fact that they aren’t loaning anyone any money unless you have great credit but because I really don’t have a real demand to have one anymore. I used to live in places where lack of car kept you from doing anything. Now I live in a state of convenience whereas a car would just be a luxury I can afford to be without. I have realized that I hate driving anywhere when I cannot proceed at my own pace. I loathe being rushed. I dislike having time constraints. I even go as far as only working for employers that are not silly enough to demand that I show up to work at some set time. (assholes) Because of this I hated driving to work. I don’t mind (rather I am able to tolerate) the other shitheads that meander throughout the roadways as if they have divine rights to drive with no consideration to the other humans and subhumans that also need to use the roadways. I just hated that I had to be at a certain place at a certain time while having to maneuver thru the muck of assholes that populate our nations highways and byways. I know I just said I didn’t have to be to work on time but I like to arrive at a certain time (my choice not my boss).

Anyways I take the train and bus. Some look at this as a detriment. I enjoy it. I have lived in places where public transpo was shit or nonfunctional. It was a dream for me that i would live in a city where I could actaully catch a bus that shows up when the schedule says it will. Miraculous I say. It is a marvel that I ride the train that isnt full of crackheads and smells like pee and puss. That may just be becasue of where I live and have to travel. I do notice that it puzzles some others I am adjacent to in my adventures thru life. They see me standing at the bus stop and I guess they see some downtrodden indiviual that needs the rescue of a ride down the street. They fail to realize that I am standing there listening to “Knock the black off your ass” and struggling to keep myself from leaning back to the beat so I dont look like one of those aforementioned crackheads. In otherwords I’m good. Sometimes standing on a street corner is better than riding in the car with some of these guys. if I want a ride I’ll ask you.

I was thinking. There hasnt been a Blackstar album since the first one. Why is that? Both these cats have had several solo albums and collabos with other people…I can’t get a second album? I shall write a strongly worded letter to my congressman demanding satisfaction.

McCain is a douchebag. Have I said that before?


~ by Deviant on October 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “I should be working”

  1. I’m still waiting for someone to attempt to communicate with me in another language because “only immigrants take the bus to work”. I think there are three classes of commuters in the MDV (east to west) and bus riders are like the lowest form of commuter. You know, because they can’t afford to live near a Metro station. I had some lady look at me this morning like I was slumming by riding the bus.

    I do it because it’s scenic, there are no escalators involved, I only have to take my SmarTrip card out once AND I can see the m*therf*cker driving the bus.

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  3. I wish I lived somewhere with good public transpo, I have been freaked out from driving since my accident this year that stole 3 months of my damn life, anyhoo…. yes, i too demand another blackstar album, the blackstar album has some of my favorite songs on it “KOS”, “Thieves in the Night”, “Re:Definition”, le sigh, they had such magic together….

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