“Fuck You” and Farewell – Debate Coverage Pt. 3

Tonight is the night… that you, make me a woman.

It’s the last debate. Well, at least for the next four years. Or two years, depending on how hard your state and local representatives put on for their city campaign.

So get ready, because tonight will be full of guaranteed entertainment.*

Once again, we’ll be following the CNN broadcast** because we like to make asinine conjecture about the focus group meter.


And we’re live…

Barack greeted McCain with his head back like McCain’s breath smelled like sour milk. 


McCain couldn’t wait to drop Reagan’s name so early in the game.

Did he just tell the American people that he wasn’t going to repeat himself?

Freddie Mae? Is he thinking of a tranny or an old country black woman?


Sidebar: Moley, moley, moley, mole.

Did Barack say “White away?”


Bob: “Would you like to ask him a question?”

McCain: “No. (But I am gonna tell him what he wants to do and then tell Joe how I’m not going to do it.)”


McCain reminds me of Cartman trying to look innocent sitting there with his hands folded.

When did “spreading the wealth around” become a bad thing?

Wow, McCain is really trying to “represent” all those hardcore Republicans who bashed him at the last few rallies.


I admire Barack for actually thinking before he speaks or at least pausing long enough to make it look like he’s thinking.


Bob is on it like Brokaw. “Answer the question.”


The meter split. The men are liking what McCain is saying. I think it was all the talk of hatchets.


The return of the “Fuck You” smile. It was destined to show up at some point.

McCain is recycling a bunch of rhetoric. Most of which he brought up at the last debate. The whole “$3M dollar overhead projector” is so out of context. Has he ever been to a planetarium? Or does he think it’s witchcraft?

He thinks he can balance the budget in four years? He’s selling wolf tickets. The women aren’t having it.

Wow, that was the biggest “Fuck You” ever. Lots of teeth. I think it was that “If you wanted to run against Bush, you should have ran four years ago” comment.

Barack took a shot a Fox News. Watch your back, Barry! You know they’ve got connections.

“I’ve reached across the aisle too.” – I think McCain thinks they’re playing “Mine is bigger than yours” but he’s the only one with his dick out.

Bob is on it! “Say it to his face” indeed!

Watch out! Falling names! McCain’s dropping them like bombs.

“Your friends hurt my feelings. You should apologize.”

The meter’s split again. Women in Ohio*** do not like John McCain.

Barack’s not going. “The American people aren’t concerned with your our hurt feelings.” (read: I’m not apologizing for something someone else said. I got a bracelet too, bitch. Man up!)

I think McCain’s mad that Barack raised more money than him.

Who is this “Joe the Plumber”? Why does “Deviant the Blogger” care?

Barack is calling him on his bullshit. Why should he apologize for someone else’s comments? He didn’t condone it.

Whoa!!!! McCain is proud of the people who come to his rallies? Has he heard the things they’ve said? Does he advocate stupidity?

McCain is a bitch. Now he’s just whining.

Barack is not backing down. You gotta love it. McCain’s trying to push him into a corner and he’s just pushing back.

He did it! He pulled the “Senator Clinton” card and the “Bill Ayers” card in the same breath. He’s a bitch.

Barack associates with Jim Jones.****

Barack looked at Bob like “He’s being a bitch. Can we move on?”


I can’t wait to hear how McCain defends his choice of running mate.

Way to go, Joe!

Oh God! “Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin.” Does he realize that that’s not a good thing? How is she a role model for young women? Have 5 kids? Let your teenage daughter get pregnant and marry a high school dropout? Now all women can be bigoted and small-minded. Fuck you, John. Fuck you and Caribou Barbie.


Oh, shit! McCain’s pompous ass corrected the moderator. Asshole. Everybody knew what he meant.

Foreign oil from brown people, bad. Foreign oil from white people, good.

McCain looks like a melted Kewpie doll.

McCain basically condescended Barack for being eloquent like there’s something wrong with sounding intelligent.


That healthcare spiel was so good the meter had nowhere to go. Women love healthcare promises. 

I wonder if McCain realizes how much healthcare costs. $5G’s is nothing. Even with coverage. If you are a single healthy person, you’re paying at least $2,000 just for the insurance, never mind the copays and prescriptions. And you can forget about a major surgery.

I think Barack just implied that McCain had a senior moment.

Did Barack just say “Yo” on the sly?”

I hope that “Joe” is watching. He must feel like the “belle of the ball” the way McCain is fawning over him.

$5,800 – $5000 = $800 that I may not have been paying before. Thanks, John.


Overturn, Roe v. Wade? McCain needs to stop talking now. He’s not a woman and therefor he should not even have a say so.

“I think the decision should rest in the hands of the states.” – What about the women it affects? I feel that a much better place for that decision to rest.

Barack just moistened somebody’s panties with that response.

There’s that term, “Pro-Life.” I hate that. It implies that those of us who are Pro-Choice are anti-life. Why can’t they be “Anti-Abortion” if they don’t want to be “Anti-Choice?”

McCain – “Barack doesn’t want to save babies. He’s eeevil.” *cue the upturned pinky to the corner of the mouth*

Does McCain realize that his mic is picking up all these deep ass breaths he’s taking?

Is the “health of the mother” not important? Am I missing something?

You heard it. John McCain will help you take care of your unwanted child. He said it on national TV. You have witnesses. Somebody somewhere has it on Tivo.


Bob: “Our kids are stupid. How do we fix it?”

“We have achieved equal access to quality schools.” – I can’t even touch this as it is such a outrageous delusion. He’s obviously out of touch with mainstream America. He cannot have been anywhere near atypical American public school in the last 5 – 10 years.

Bad teachers? He’s so off base. Most new teachers aren’t trained to be “good teachers.” There’s no time for quality because teachers are in such high demand. And they have a huge turnover rate because they’re so underpaid for what they do.

If your local school system is shit, we’ll give you a voucher to go somewhere else. Now, it’s not gonna fix the school system but it will shut you up.

Sarah Palin is knowledgeable on Autism? Being the mother of an infant with down’s syndrome makes her an expert on Autism because…? And what does that have to do with education?


Thank the universe it’s over. I don’t think I could take much more.

Wait, MCCain’s still talking. Damn it.

“My friends.” “9-11.” Is he going to say “maverick”? Or is “steward” the new “maverick”?

Did he just name drop his own name? He just mentioned the McCain’s like they’re well known. I’m sure that a lot of people can say their family has provided America with a “long line of service.”


“Good job. Good Job?” – I find that patronizing.


Sidebar: Michelle Obama is stacked. She’ll be the first First Lady with ass. It’s a historic occasion and it makes me proud to be an American.






* Or really fucking boring.

** In LD (low definition) because CNNHD is fucking up. It’s like a whore with a mouthful of cock. No sound.

*** Women in Ohio participating in the CNN focus group, that is.

**** Not that Jim Jones.


~ by Deviant on October 15, 2008.

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  1. loves it.
    *laughter and applause*

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