By a Landslide…

Hope should never be underestimated.

Wow. Our country just evolved a little. Somewhere, someone challenged themselves to take a chance and try something different.

Now, President Obama… PRESIDENT OBAMA!… is not a perfect man and we should not expect a perfect presidency. This is just the beginning. But he seems to be sincere in his desire to make America better and we can only hope that our government and its people will do their parts to help him make good on his intentions.

McCain went out with class. Even though his supporters were less than excited. I wonder if there will be a mass exodus of racist who refuse to governed by someone who isn’t White? I wonder to what lengths some people will go to…?

I’d rather not go there. But if history* has taught us anything, the possibility exists.

No matter what, though, whatever happens after this, America, we made history. This moment will be forever etched in the memory of every American. It will be the “Where were you when you heard ___” story of our generation. And for many of us**, it will be a joyous remembrance. We will tell our children and our children’s children when they ask about it after reading their history books.***

Hopefully, this is the beginning of an America where at some point down the road we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Hopefully this is the beginning of an America where we have to explain to our future generations why it was not than just an election between two senators with two ideologies but one that represented our growth as a nation.

Hopefully, someone will say something ignorant so we can provide you, faithful reader, with some form of comedic yet still insightful entertainment. Just not tonight. Tonight we celebrate. *Cue the Sam Cooke*

* And recent news.

** at least 51% – even though they haven’t called Indiana or N. Carolina (I see you Gary! And you too Greensboro!)

*** or Wikipedia, since that’s where most of us seem to get our info these days.

Unlike most of you who are jumping up and down, honking horns, or having obama-orgies across this nation, I lie idle and worried. Like most humans that encounter the unknown, I am on alert. This has never happened before but I remember tome from years ago that spoke of when an event such as this were to occur.  Of course it was said in jest, because no one ever thought it would happen in their lifetime. It seemed like some far off time. It’s upon us now. I lie uneasy. I watch these talking heads speak of a new day…a day where the young among us are absolved from the scars of racism and ignorance. I would like to believe that. I would like to think my deviant thoughts are unwarranted and I am just on some nutjob rant. As I watch this modern day orator give us his first offical speech as president-elect, I think bad things. Not the bad things right wingers think of. I think someone will do something redunkulously stupid and ignorant. I don’t even want to watch the man speak on TV, cause I do not want to see such an event occur. Last week I saw the first seeds of such unwarranted stuipidity sowed. I know there are more such jackasses out there. I would hope they are creating new jobs in his secret service detail. I don’t want to see that on tv. That would be far worse than anything that happened in the beginning of this decade.


~ by Deviant on November 4, 2008.

One Response to “By a Landslide…”

  1. “Somewhere, someone challenged themselves to take a chance and try something different”, that’s my pickup line 😉

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