The D.L. (No Hughley)

Some of the comments on this post have saddened me greatly. It just goes to show how easily swayed people are by propaganda.

The “DL” book and “Invisible Life” before it are not the issue. The “DL” is not a new fad. It’s a remnant of a time when speaking about any untraditional lifestyle was met with opposition and hatred. People have been “passing”* for centuries.

The issue is how we allow these things to control our thinking. If that were the case why not think every man is a serial killer/rapist/con artist/pedophile/transvestite/polygamist/STD infested/etc. The possibilities are endless.

I will say that regarding today’s comments some of us need to work on not being so stereotypical. A look or sound or gesture** does not a homosexual make.

I would also like to point out that the conversation is completely onesided. Besides the perception that most men would be pleasantly surprised to find out they’re chick is a member of the “yaya sisterhood”… What about finding out your dude is really a chick? Or your chick is really a dude? It happens. See Springer circa 97.

I think the big picture here is the betrayal and there is really no prevention for that. Of course it’s scary to think that someone you trust would repeatedly put you in danger but all you can do is make sure that your candidate is well vetted before you put them in orifice.

*And that could mean anything from sexual orientation to race.
** Unless that gesture is a wo/man putting a kitty/dyck in her/his mouth.


~ by Deviant on November 18, 2008.

One Response to “The D.L. (No Hughley)”

  1. The Biggest part of the so called down low lifestyle is the dishonesty. If a dude is bi-sexual or gay and wants a family, there are honest ways for him to have that but he has got to get real with himself and everyone else including his HIV status. The stakes are too high for anything less.

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