“But the Words Got In the Way”…

We don’t have to ask. We know you missed us.

Funny how everyday life eventually becomes the thing that prevents us from living sometimes… But worry no more, we are here for you. And there’s enough of our awesomeness for everyone.

Now on to the good stuff!

Have you seen this movie?

This movie, that’s really not a movie more of a “See! This is what men have to put up with” documentary centered around a very extreme example of a woman who seemed to lack the ability to think rationally poor “chick logic”. It might have had a purpose but other than men just being tired of being the bad guy, I couldn’t tell you what it was. It didn’t serve to really solve a problem as much as it just let you know that the problem wasn’t the man’s fault.

In one scene, the chick in question goes on a ridiculous tirade which begins with her finding her husband’s underwear on the bathroom floor and ends with her taunting him into physically attacking her.

What. The. Fuck?

I don’t know that chick. And I know some crazy broads. But none of them are THAT crazy. However, it occurred to me that this “movie” is from the MAN’s P.O.V. and is therefore bound to be just a teensy weensy bit biased. But the reality is men think pretty much ALL women are crazy… Crazy, irrational, savage beasts who need to be dealt with carefully or tamed or hunted like prey and then stuffed like prizes on their mantles. That’s why they try to avoid confrontation as much as possible and agitation by repeatedly asking you to “calm down”. If you were in mauling range of a wild animal, you try to pacify it as best you could too!

But this “movie”… This movie… was terrible. Even more terrible was the fact that so men identified with it and so many women co-signed and claimed to “get it now”. As if somehow, listening to mid-size groups of men in barbershops and in front of comedy clubs, they’ve realized the error of their ways. Umm… No. That’s like saying men learn how to be better men from reading Terry McMillan novels. It ain’t gonna happen. Instead of co-signing, more people need to call bullshit on both ends, stop exaggerating and, instead of making sorry ass movies like this one, have more meaningful discussions with each other.

How you ask? I don’t know. Throw a motherfuckin’ dinner party or something. Get an ounce and smoke out your closest friends. You know, depending on your particular sensibilities.

Whatever you do, don’t watch any more bootleg, straight to DVD, independently released, barbershop distributed*, relationship themed “movies” looking for the answers to your relationship problems.

*This includes your local Wal-Mart as well.


~ by Deviant on July 9, 2009.

3 Responses to ““But the Words Got In the Way”…”

  1. Yo you right.

  2. You guys are back. That is good. You know I’ve been stopping by like once a week checking to see if there was something new. Sometimes twice a week.

    But yeah, I understand, life sometimes gets in the way of you doing shit you thought was living your life lol.

    I think one reason people have a lot of problems with me is that I call bullshit when I see it and don’t stand for (well, I tend to let my gf slide from time to time, but aside from her. . .) the kind of crap described in your post.

    Crazy or not, women sometimes do try and pull some stupid stuff. I let my ex gf take out her anger from time to time and if I got slapped a few times, I tended to ignore it. When I got mad however, really mad, I wouldn’t do anything. In fact, I would shut down, attempt to analyze my anger, and calm down before I did or said anything else. So one day, she’s mad again, and starts hitting me. And I’m unable to stop myself from grabbing her hands and pushing her away.

    Nothing really rough, not even the elementary school chest push you gave someone before you started throwing fists. Anyway, she got mad, started yelling about calling the police. That’s when I got up and walked five miles to my place.

    I guess I tell this anecdote to say that I don’t understand why some people deliberately do everything they can to provoke a reaction that even the tiniest amount scares the hell out of them.

  3. smh…that shit is just sad. sad, sad,sad!!!
    and hilarous at the same time.
    but more so sad, sad, sad….

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