“Fuck You” and Farewell – Debate Coverage Pt. 3

•October 15, 2008 • 1 Comment

Tonight is the night… that you, make me a woman.

It’s the last debate. Well, at least for the next four years. Or two years, depending on how hard your state and local representatives put on for their city campaign.

So get ready, because tonight will be full of guaranteed entertainment.*

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Attention/0 = Error!

•October 13, 2008 • 1 Comment

Undivided attention.

Do I have yours right now? Or are you reading this while “working”? Watching TV? Holding a conversation*? Can we ever really have anyone’s undivided attention? A better question is would we really want it? Continue reading ‘Attention/0 = Error!’

WTF?! of the Week #5: May the Lord Watch Over Ohio

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You know, with all the election fire fodder that’s out there. I wasn’t really planning on tackling anything but the debates but today I got home from work early and happened to hit up one of my hot spots, BlindIForThe Kids, where I saw the video posted below. Continue reading ‘WTF?! of the Week #5: May the Lord Watch Over Ohio’

I should be working

•October 8, 2008 • 3 Comments

I recently made the decision not to buy a car. I came it this conclusion not because I cannot afford it or due to the fact that they aren’t loaning anyone any money unless you have great credit but because I really don’t have a real demand to have one anymore. I used to live in places where lack of car kept you from doing anything. Now I live in a state of convenience whereas a car would just be a luxury I can afford to be without. I have realized that I hate driving anywhere when I cannot proceed at my own pace. I loathe being rushed. I dislike having time constraints. I even go as far as only working for employers that are not silly enough to demand that I show up to work at some set time. Continue reading ‘I should be working’

“I bet you never heard of…” – Debate Coverage Pt. 3

•October 7, 2008 • 3 Comments

Fuck You, John McCain. 

If I was Oliver Clark, I’d be really insulted that you think that I’ve never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac until a few weeks ago.

Is it me? Or does anyone else notice how John McCain totters across the stage? He’s so fucking old. I”m convinced that he has a stylist who specializes in covering up the fact that he Continue reading ‘“I bet you never heard of…” – Debate Coverage Pt. 3’

Vi.P. or How many times can you say “maverick” in 2 hours?

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It’s debate time again. Are you watching?

We are and in HD no less.

So here goes…

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“I’ve got a bracelet too.” – Real-Time Debate Coverage

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Obama is giving McCain political body shots right now but McCain keeps taking jabs.

CNN has this bullshit “Audience Reaction” EKG type nonsense scrolling along the bottom of my TV. Someone should be fired for that idea. 

McCain is getting his hat handed to him. “Good day to you, sir!”

***I started keep track of the time so you know I’m really watching. All times are Eastern.***

9:37 – Barack is really good at actually answering the questions as posed.

9:40 – McCain thinks “we are winning in Iraq”. Define winning, John.

9:43 – The “fuck you” smile is priceless.

9:47 – Jim Lehrer has lost control of this debate. Obama and McCain are runaway trains.

9:51 – Barack is addressing the issues on Afghanistan and McCain is talking about the past. (McCain reminds me of one of the gray beards at work. He means well but his ideals are antiquated.)

9:56 – If McCain mentions Petraeus one more time… Get off his sack already…

9:57 – McCain keeps trying to paint Obama as ignorant of the issues… “Senator Obama doesn’t understand…”, just more tactical politics…

10:00 – Where’s the next leading question? I hate it when they freestyle…. “I have a bracelet too.” LMAO!

10:02 – Another “Fuck You” smile from Obama.

10:05 – McCain just mentioned the Holocaust? WTF? I thought the question was about Iran… He just said that Iran has a lousy government. Does he think they aren’t watching? Way to improve foreign policy.

10:08 – “And therefore…” John McCain should not reference unpopular presidents during a debate. Everybody didn’t do Reagan like that. Why is he so against meeting with these countries without ultimatums.

10:14 – Did he just compare North and South Koreans by height? WTF?

10:20 – … He did not just say that… He “looked into Putin’s eyes and saw three letters. A “K”, a “G” and a “B”?”

10:25 – McCain is a rude dude. He will do whatever to prevent Obama from correcting him. 

10:28 – So we’re safer (than we were before 9/11) but we’re not safe? Hmm…

10:30 – Barack is for restoring the world’s perception of America. Message!

10:35 – Remind me how being a war veteran makes you a good candidate for the presidency? I see war vets everyday and I wouldn’t elect any of them President.

10:39 – It’s O-V… My card has Obama as the clear and victorious winner.